Join our Liturgy Team!

Mass is at the center of all that we are and all that we do at the Newman Catholic.

We invite you to take advantage of the rich sacramental life offered each week at Newman Catholic. Serving at Mass is a great way to draw closer to God through the sacraments and our Church community. From leading everyone in song to proclaiming the Word as a Lector, students are welcome to serve in all parts of the Mass.

If you would like to get involved in any of these ministries, whether it’s one or all of them, please contact us!


Altar servers assist the priest at the altar and help prepare the offertory gifts during the Mass. In a very particular way they place themselves at the service of the priest during the liturgy.


Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers help to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass during Holy Communion. Training is held at the start of each semester.


Lectors announce and read the Word of God to the congregation during the Mass. Those serving in this ministry are called to proclaim the Word of God and the Prayers of the Faithful. The mission of those called to this ministry is to help members of the community enter into the power of the Word of God.


Music greatly enhances the worship services and faith of our students. If you would like to share your musical gifts as a singer or instrumentalist with the Newman Catholic community please join us in this ministry!


Ushers warmly greet and welcome people, students and guests alike, who enter the Church during Sunday Masses. In addition to this, they assist with the collection.

No prior experience is needed. We will help train and equip you! To get involved, schedule an individual training time, or receive more information on Liturgical Ministries, contact us!